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Thank You For Donations In Sy Ginsburg’s Honor!

Seymour (Sy) B. Ginsburg aka Sy

Sy, born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1934, graduated from Northwestern University with degrees in accountancy and law. He was a founder of a predecessor business and the first president of Toys R Us, and for many years was involved in commodities trading. In 1978 he met guru Sri Madhava Ashish found in the Indian Himalayas and documented his experience in In Search of the Unitive Vision. While studying with the guru, he learned about the Stanzas of Dzyan and the significance of the Mahatmas. At that time he was also advised to study and work with the Gurdjieff teaching. Sy joined the Theosophical Society based in Wheaton, Illinois, and as an active member became president of the South Florida branch located in Deerfield Beach, Florida for many years. A forty-year student of the teachings of Gurdjieff and the teachings of Theosophy, he was also co-founder of the Gurdjieff Institute of Florida and one of the founders of All & Everything International Humanities Conference. Sy authored several books, including Gurdjieff Unveiled: An Introduction to the Teachings of Gurdjieff and he facilitated and co-facilitated numerous courses, study groups, dream circles and webinars including the Fourth Way Online Work Group.

Sy Ginsburg’s reputation and spirit were, and are well known to anyone who attends our lodge. We were very fortunate to have such a person as a guiding member of our lodge for so many years. Thank you for your donations to our lodge in his memory!

  • Sue and Stu Steckler

  • Lillian Mayer

  • Sam Scime

  • Vickie and Mitch Rubin

  • Burt and Ryva Reckles

  • Jeff and Susan Firestone

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