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A Note From SAM


Many of us realize this is the time we have been waiting for, a time to share our gifts and talents. But first and foremost, it remains of utmost importance to maintain a high vibrational rate. For review, our normal vibratory rate is between 62-68 MHz and our brain functions optimally between 72-90 MHz. When the body vibration lowers to 58 MHz it can “catch a cold”; at 57 MHz the f*l*u; 55 MHz candida, 52 MHz Epstein Barr; 42 MHz cancer and at 25 MHz transition begins. So, do everything you can to raise and keep your vibrational rate high. Be creative, sing, dance, make jokes, watch comedies and getting out into nature to ground are a few ways to raise your vibration.

Remember, higher states of consciousness radiate more readily whenever two or more people of like mind gather. And it is in local face-to-face interactions that we reap the greatest rewards for our hearts are electromagnetic frequencies reaching out to affect those within our physical radius and beyond. You will find numerous blogs, videos, audios and other resources at my website at SAM I AM PROductions to inspire and support. Here are additional tools to assist with envisioning a peaceful and loving world:
Global Coherence
Mass Meditation
Sunday Unity Meditations
World Healing Meditation
Radiating Heart Energy

That being said, out of an abundance of caution and to comply with current restrictions, the Miami/Deerfield Beach Lodge will continue to be closed so continue to use your time wisely. Please keep in mind that the lodge still has operating expenses and if you wish to donate do so by mailing your donation to:

The Theosophical Society
3907 N. Federal Highway, PO Box #151, Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Donations To TS Are Very Much Appreciated!

Please feel free to comment and/or connect via the ‘CONNECT‘ tab, especially if you are a member and have something inspiring to share! AND a BIG THANK YOU to Mary Klemyk and Tony Spatarella for helping to maintain the lodge during this period of humanity’s transition!

Blessings of Love 🙂