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Upcoming SUNday Speakers Forums

Join us on SUNday at Thubten Kunga Ling (located in the Cove Shopping Plaza, in the teal colored building upstairs), at 201 S.E.15th Terrace, Suite 206, Deerfield Beach, FL. 33441. Learn more about the venue by visiting this link: https://www.tubtenkunga.org

Oct 24, 2021, 3:30―5 PM

In person-“The Power Of Positive Singing: Higher Consciousness In Musical Theater”
with Coach Cary Bayer

The great Broadway composers and lyricists have been writing songs about life lived in a kind of enlightenment since the beginning of musical theater. Rodgers & Hammerstein, Sondheim, Bernstein, Lerner–Tin Pan Alley’s gods–have been penning anthems about awakening to a life lived with the gods.
The wisdom of India, which clearly outlines higher states of consciousness, help us see these songs in a brighter light, as pointing to that inner freedom. This class will examine a number of these Broadway classics, analyze their lyrics, listen to their melodies, and come to understand them as pointing to the liberated life that can develop through techniques like meditation.

Coach Cary Bayer, who taught Transcendental Meditation for three decades and trained dozens of its teachers before developing Higher Self Healing Meditation in 2010, is the author of 15 books, including “The Power of Positive Singing: Higher Consciousness in Musical Theater”. He is also a long time supporter of the Miami/Deerfield Beach Theosophical Society, presenting regularly on a variety of topics.


Oct 31, 2021, 3:30―5 PM

In person-“Soul Evolution via Physical Death: Part Three”
with Sharon Ann Meyer

William Meader tells us that the soul of humanity evolves through world crisis including death & disease. As impermanent masses of consciousness, souls may choose to begin their own extinction through spiritual awakening via drastic ways. Join us for PART THREE of our interactive discussion including topics such as Soul Evolution and Conscious Transition.

SAM is a wayshower and author of the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series.” She is also a metaphysical teacher, founder of SAM I AM PROductions (SamIAMproductions.com), administrator of the popular Internet resource, Lightworker’s Log, and Corresponding Secretary for the Miami/Deerfield T.S.


Join National T.S. President, Barbara Hebert, for a lively discussion!
“Laughter and Spirituality: Good for the Body, Good for the Soul”
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Spirituality is a very serious subject…isn’t it? Spirituality can be defined as being affiliated with the human spirit or soul rather than the physical or material. Many think that in order to be spiritual, we must study, meditate, pray, etc. What could humor possibly have to do with spirituality? Everything! It is said that young children laugh as much as 100 to 200 times a day, compared to a large majority of adults who only get zero to several daily laughs. Prepare to join the laughter as we explore this humorous topic!


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Sundays, 6―7pm.

BHAGAVAD GITA: CHAPTER 18: The Final Chapter – The Final Frontier – This Chapter sums up everything that has been covered throughout the previous 17 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita. In it’s content, the full vision of how the Higher Power, the world and you are non-separate and complete despite the appearance of so much difference; is unfolded. ~ Facilitator: Janani Cleary https://zoom.us/j/3406182173

Meeting ID: 340 618 2173 Passcode: 123456

Tuesdays, 7―8pm.

VIRTUAL SUFI MEDITATION (poetry, music and song) ~ Facilitator: Carole Ross ~ https://us04web.zoom.us/j/72302106788
Meeting ID: 723 0210 6788 Passcode: 09AqwV

Wednesdays, 7―8pm.

Kenopanishad  ~ Facilitator: Janani Cleary https://zoom.us/j/3406182173
Meeting ID: 340 618 2173 Passcode: 123456
This short and basic Upanishad from the second section of the Vedas is a short but complete unfoldment of non-duality. It uses carefully crafted descriptions that give the mind a good mental workout that are as refreshing and enervating as they are self-revealing!

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