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National Headquarters
Wheaton, IL

The Theosophical Society in America is a section of the worldwide Theosophical Society founded in New York in 1875 with its international headquarters at Adyar, Chennai (Madras), India.

The American section has its national center in Wheaton, Illinois, on a beautiful estate called Olcott in honor of the American co-founder and first President of the Society, Colonel Henry Steel Olcott. 

Olcott is the administrative headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America, but it is also a place where members and the public may participate in onsite courses, workshops, retreats, lectures, and seminars on a wide variety of spiritual topics. 

It is a busy center and a beautiful place, providing a focal point for the energies and efforts of members throughout the American Section.

Theosophical Society National Center