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THE ART OF SEEING with Eye Yoga and Brain Games exercise

Release the Stress from Eye Strain caused by Computer Vision Syndrome.

Improve your Eyesight with fun and easy Eye Exercises.

Strengthen Concentration and Memory Skills.

Develop your Artist’s Eye

By Dr. Doreen Cott, AP, Certified Bates’ Method Teacher

Cutting-edge research has shown that your brain and your visual eyesight and perceptual skills are elastic and trainable, and at any age! Modern neuroscience has overwhelmingly embraced the idea of the inherent neuroplasticity of our brain and visual system, even as we age! It’s great news that we can enjoy playing sports well, driving at night, having good balance, sharp memory, and even less dependence on glasses, as our visual-motor skills become stronger.

Eye Yoga and Brain Games training uses the eyes and visual-perceptual system as the key to unlock deep-seated patterns within the brain. This is a natural, holistic approach to Eye-Brain health and fitness. It is based on an expanded version of Eye-Brain exercises that evolved out of ancient Yoga and Qi Gong Practices merged with modern neuroscience. Eye Yoga exercises hone the skills that make us a keen observer of our environment! It teaches us how to be aware and totally in the moment as a fully present participant in a vivid, colorful, vibrant, three-dimensional world.

The Art of Seeing with Eye Yoga develops our Artist’s Eye! Reconnect with the magnificent vision that we inherited from our ancestors, not the dumbed-down version that we are fostering by too much staring at computer and phone screens. Learn to release the eyestrain and mental stress and fatigue caused by Computer Vision Syndrome, which has become an epidemic, and is reeking havoc on the visual and mental health of people of all ages.

We can learn how to promote our own eye-brain health and fitness by practicing Eye Yoga and Brain Game exercises. The eyes are truly powerful tools of the brain and the windows of the mind and the soul. Our eyes are made of actual brain material! They are a direct extension of our brain pushing itself out through the eye sockets searching out light!

The way we see is a reflection of the way we think! Our eyes are responsible for 10% of our vision; the other 90% is purely mental. Poor visual habits reflect poor mental habits. Poor mental habits lead to poor concentration, short attention span, and poor memory. Concentration, memory, imagination, and dreams are all part of the visual process, and therefore Eye Yoga exercises have a powerful impact on these abilities.

Efficient seeing and thinking are skills that must be developed, just like any other skill. We are not born with our visual habits or perceptual skills in place. They are developed and learned behaviors, and can be improved – no matter whether we are 6 or 86. This educational program establishes good conscious and subconscious habits of normal sight that overflows into many other aspects of our life!

Eye Yoga and Brain Game exercises have an organic approach that immerses itself in nature and natural ingredients. The brain is transformed through concentration and memory games that tone-up the Eye-Mind-Memory connection. We experience feeling energized and centered with mental clarity.

We can recover from eye strain, dry eyes, blurry vision, glare issues, tension headaches, and mental fog and fatigue.

The idea of Neuroplasticity refers not only to our brain’s ability to repair and re-wire itself, building new pathways as it learns new things, it also refers to our brain’s ability to synchronize both hemispheres and access Whole Brain thinking – requiring the right and left sides of our brain to talk to each other.

Eye Yoga exercises trains both eyes to work more efficiently together and with equal power, which also trains both hemispheres of the brain to work more efficiently together with equal power. We start to see more clearly and think more clearly.

With only a few minutes a day of practice, we can benefit from these fun and easy exercises and techniques to restore clear sight and mental clarity, naturally.

Nature designed our eyesight to last a lifetime! Become empowered to take care of your eyes and brain, and to enjoy healthy sight for life!

So let’s get started!

Dr. Doreen Cott was scheduled to speak in April 2020 but all classes were put on hold due to global restrictions. She will be a new presenter when our beloved Theosophical Society of South Florida reopens in a new location. Doreen holds workshops and classes at: Boynton Beach Healing Arts in the Boynton Beach Arts District, and has been teaching ‘The Art of Seeing’ for over 25 years. Her book, ‘Restore Your Sight, Train Your Brain with Eye Yoga and Brain Games‘ is available in it’s 2nd edition. For more information visit