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Major Update- Quest Bookstore Sale


Dear Members and Friends,

Moving through the process of keeping our beloved local Theosophical Society afloat has not been an easy task. As part of this effort, we have sold our building at 831 SE 9 Street in Deerfield Beach, Florida, 33441-5633. So, come say goodbye to our building on Sunday, October 25th from 3-5pm, and see what books you can purchase from our Quest Bookstore. All books are on sale for at least 50% off the usual purchase price. The building is located in Palm Plaza, U.S. 1 & SE 10th Street, 2 miles east of I-95, SW 10th Street Exit.

In the coming months, we hope to establish a newer, brighter center for our members and friends. In the meantime, visit our website at for resources, including short articles from facilitators and video class excerpts (both found under the Resources tab). Facilitator Janani Cleary continues to hold Zoom classes on Sunday and Wednesday:
Sunday, 6―7pm. BHAGAVAD GITA: CHAPTER 15 – THE YOGA OF THE WHOLE PERSON ~ Facilitator: Janani Cleary

Wednesday, 7―8pm. MUNDAKOPANISHAD (Advaita Vedanta) ~ Facilitator: Janani Cleary

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Remember, as noted by H.P. Blavatsky in THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY published in 1889, “A good book which gives people food for thought, which strengthens and clears their minds, and enables them to grasp truths which they have dimly felt but could not formulate — we hold that such a book does a real, substantial good.” And during these trying times, there is no better companion for those seeking spiritual truth. See you on Sunday, October 25th from 3-5pm.

“Theosophy is the highest law of conduct, the enacted expression of divine love or compassion to bring down more of the Light to the aid of all that lives.” G. de Purucker, THE ESOTERIC PATH: ITS NATURE AND ITS TESTS, 1987