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The Tipping Point with Sharon Ann Meyer (aka SAM)

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C.W. Leadbeater notes in his book The Hidden Side Of Things, more than 100 years ago, It’s Vital to become aware of energies affecting humanity as this ceaseless stream of vibrations expresses according to frequency. We are experiencing a shift that has not occurred for approximately 26,000 years, and we have been given profound gifts by SOURCE–free will and the ability to be transmitters and receivers of energy (information) from Earth & all of the Cosmos. As unprecedented Cosmic energies and global changes continue, it’s always good to know we all are co-creators and have a purpose in the Divine Plan.

Enjoy this excerpt from a two-part workshop The Tipping Point.


The Tipping Point


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The Tipping Point

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About the facilitator: Sharon Ann Meyer (SAM), author of the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series,” is a wayshower, metaphysical teacher, channel of higher realms, founder of SAM I AM PROductions, administrator of Lightworker’s Log and Corresponding Secretary for the Miami/Deerfield Beach Theosophical Society.