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Theosophy: Science Of The Soul

Why Study Theosophy?

Theosophy, the Science of the Soul, help us to acquire a fuller knowledge of the laws of life and Nature. It is a synthesis of religion, philosophy and science offering an intelligent theory of the universe from the primary substance, the objective universe with its countless lives related to humanity by means of the physical body, the senses, the seven planes of nature, etc. Theosophy is the basis of Religion and the Philosophy of Life and its teachings explain the root-causes of evil and point out the sure way of escape.

“Ten Good Reasons for Theosophy”
1. It solves the Riddle of the Universe: harmonizing the facts of Science with the fundamental truths of Religion.
2. It proves life worth living; rendering it intelligible, and demonstrating the justice and the love which guide its evolution.
3. It removes all fear of death, and much of its sorrow ; recognizing birth and death, joy and sorrow, as alternating incidents in a cycle of endless progress.
4. It insists upon the optimistic view of life; proclaiming man the Master of his own destiny; child of his past; parent of his future.
5. It demonstrates the Power, Wisdom, and the Love of God; notwithstanding all the sorrow and misery of the world.
6. It brings hope to the hopeless; showing that no effort is ever wasted, no error irretrievable.
7. It proclaims the Fatherhood of God; hence the Sonship of Man, and his ultimate attainment of perfection.
8. It declares the universality of the Law of Causation; maintaining that “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”, in this, and in all other worlds.
9. It regards the world as a school to which man returns again and again until all its lessons are acquired.
10. It affirms the Brotherhood of man; and provides a basis of union for all who desire to work for its realization.

“Theosophy gives Science new realms to conquer; it lifts the hopelessness from social conditions; it shows the way to perfect self-sacrifice; it teaches Reincarnation, Karma and Brotherhood. These are some of the reasons why you should be a Theosophist.”

Source: P. Pavri. B.Sc., L.C.E., Theosophy Explained In Questions And Answers, 1930.

Membership Advantages

In today’s world it becomes increasingly clear that in order to evolve to the utmost possibility one must join forces with those of like mind to co-create, to envision, and to build a more life affirming world. Many more people now participate in this effort with some feeling it’s second nature to assist humanity moving as One in a cohesive unit.

Upon joining the Theosophical Society we have the opportunity to gain by becoming part of a living organism of a higher order, both in quality and quantity, than our own life as an individual. The best way to achieve this blessing is with the intent of joining to give rather than ‘to get’; to join other co-creators with God, Source, All That Is (whatever term used for the nameless one in which all live, move, and have being) by spreading the light of knowledge gained; and working for the future as Servants of Humanity.

The privilege of being a member offers opportunities for ones consciousness to evolve as a philanthropist, link with other members, and achieve more useful and effective work carried on with concerted effort by a group or a society rather than as an independent individual. Those with past-life experience studying the Ancient Wisdom and working for the dissemination of spiritual knowledge are drawn to similar groups in subsequent lives to carry on studies and co-creation at greater levels of consciousness. Past efforts stored on higher planes come to be known, to awaken further while in the presence of others with the same goals of serving humanity. Main Theosophical principles feel like traversing old ground, reviving ancient memories of past knowledge.

One chief value of Theosophical Society membership lies in the insight into certain fundamental truths —Laws of Reincarnation, Karma, and Brotherhood of Man—knowledge of which offers inspiration, hope, and contentment. Knowledge becomes increasingly valuable, transmutes into service, and increases through companionship of other members who know, all joining together in the great work of quickening evolution and uplifting the world. As one lives the truths, they become part of us, while joining forces with members of the Society holding the same ideals and beliefs. Friendships form, increasing cooperative efforts led by great spiritual and temporal force, for the helping and guiding of humanity.

Pavri notes, “A few members of the Society grouped together form a centre through which the Masters work, for One of the Greatest of Them has said : ” Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them?’ Thus They are always ready to give of Their power and strength where a pure channel is made, and membership in the Society provides such a channel for Their blissful influence and offers to the members an unequalled opportunity of doing Them true and laudable service by acting as an instrument ready to Their hands, an instrument self-conscious yet readily adaptable—men who realise themselves as a connected unity and whom They can use in Their great work of the spiritual regeneration of humanity.”

After first joining “the outer Theosophical Society, after a certain prescribed period, one has the opportunity to join its Inner School which teaches men how to hasten their progress on the Path, to compress into a few lives the evolution which would otherwise take many thousands of years.”

In addition to membership benefits ( offered by The Theosophical Society of America (, our lodge offers both digital and loaned printed copies of theosophical literature, a place to gather with like minds for study, networking and co-creation, opportunities to increase the reach of ones own unique gifts via classes in our venue, and copies of selected class materials.

Theosophy: Science Of The Soul By Sharon Ann Meyer (aka SAM)

Selected phrases taken from: P. Pavri. B.Sc., L.C.E., Theosophy Explained In Questions And Answers, 1930.

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