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Natural Healing by Sandy Koi

Enjoy This Class On Natural Healing

Facilitated by Sandy Koi, MSc!

Natural Healing

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Natural Healing by Sandy Koi, Presentation Theosophical Society, Deerfield Beach, FL. August 13, 2023

Slide 1: Thank you for inviting me back for a fourth time to speak with everyone at the Theosophical Society here in Deerfield Beach! Today’s presentation is a bit different because I’ll be talking about wonderful healing modalities that are FREE! The only cost is the time and commitment to do them.

2: Of course, I must start by saying that this presentation is for information and educational purposes only. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner, but I think this information may be valuable for some people in order to explore new scientific protocols. You are responsible for your own health choices and decisions! And of course, see a licensed medical professional before self-diagnoses or self-treatment.
In the act of ‘full disclosure’ I am also telling you my personal choices. The icons represent different modalities. My personal preference is Ayurveda, represented by the green leaf and mortar and pestle. I have also used Traditional Chinese Medicine, represented by the center picture of hexagrams and an acupuncture needle. The snake and cup on the right represents allopathic medicine. It is not something I use frequently, but sometimes it may be the best choice, at least for initial trauma. As one of my former homeopathic doctors once said, “You would likely need a surgeon to repair a broken leg, but homeopathy could surely help it heal better!”

3: Today I’ll introduce some of my favorite free healing modalities, and the scientific papers to back up what we intuitively know! Earthing, and all about electrons; Forest bathing, infrared light and phytochemicals; Sound healing in the form of music, chant, tuning forks and cymatics.

4: Hippocrates described one form of healing as the “force that flows though many people’s hands”…We can recognize that energy as Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, or even Acupressure. Two quotes I love from Nikola Telsa are “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” And, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in a decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
On the right is a picture of Royal Rife, who certainly had the frequencies figured out for healing all kinds of diseases, and who was personally harassed and his laboratory destroyed by the “allopathic medical mafia”. Healing diseases is not a sustainable business model! In the center is a beautiful picture of the piano notes in the first octave as displayed by cymatics. The pictures of cymatics are cross-sections of the sound bubbles…I’ll be speaking more about cymatics later.

5. I’m sure you’ve all seen this beautiful toroidal field of that energy field as described by Tesla before. The heart chakra sends it’s energy field out at least 6 feet, and we must remember that ALL of the chakras send out similar fields, both from the ‘front’ and the ‘back,’ including the minor chakras in the palms of both the feet and the hands (as well as scores of others).

6. This slide is just to remind you of the solar spectrum,, which I am sure you’ve seen before. Note the ‘visible’ light in the center, which is all most of us can see in a regular state of mind. Everything has a spectra, as Tesla mentioned, and can be identified by that spectra. This is how we can look at a star and know what gases or minerals are being emitted.
It’s quite amazing; everything has a frequency! Livers have a different frequency than spleens, and different from hearts, and every person’s energy field/organ is slightly different, and yet we are all one field (yes, we are all One! Including the trees, the whales, the birds, the earthworms…)

7. Which brings me to this amazing book by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, a physicist. You may wonder what a rainbow and a worm have to do with each other! Dr Mae-Wan was the first scientist to discover that ALL living life cells emit Light! Up until this time, scientists had been studying cell structure as dead, sliced and diced cells on a slide, but no one had actually attempted to look at LIVING cells under the mass spectrometer. She coined the phrase of liquid crystals.
These are quotes directly from her amazing book, which was first published in about 1998:
“The summary of [this book] suggests that organisms are coherent space-time structures maintained macroscopically far from thermodynamic equilibrium by energy flow.”
“…we come full circle to validating the participatory framework that is universal to all traditional indigenous knowledge systems the world over.”
“This enables us to go some way towards restoring ourselves to an authentic reality of nonlinear, multidimensional space-time as experienced by the truly participatory consciousness, who is also the repository of free will and coherent action.”
“The chemist, George Gray, who has studied liquid crystals for many years, refers to liquid crystals as “tunable responsive systems”, and as such, are ideal for making organisms.”
I especially like her comment about the participatory nature of our universe. Another breakthrough was the work of Dr Candace Pert, who wrote the “Molecules of Emotion” and the understanding of the various receptors in our brains. We have ‘tunable systems’, as Dr Gray said…the key is to choose how to tune your microscopic cellular antennae!
Other physicists have been catching on to that, and now many other scientists, such as Drs Larry Dossey, and Bruce Lipton, and popular scientists like Gregg Braden. Many of these things were published as early as the 1970’s, by people such as Dr Edgar Mitchell, the founder of IONS (Institute of Noetic Science), but were suppressed so that the general public considered these things as ‘woo-woo’ stories.
The cover of Dr Mae-Wan’s book has a picture of the spectra emitted by a living worm (remember the spectrum we just saw!) The picture in the lower left is the spectra of the living cytoplasm of a sea urchin egg (notice the frequencies along the bottom of the graph); the picture on the right is the spectral emission from a living drosophila, or fruit fly, larva.

8. One of the easiest, safest, simplest free energy healing methodology available to each and every person is called “Earthing”…it’s grounding, being connected to the Schumann resonance of our own planet Earth. This is a poster from a very cool documentary and I’ll tell you how to watch it for free in a few minutes. This is a great book written by Clinton Ober and Dr Stephen Sinatra.
Clint is an engineer and I was lucky to be able to have a brief meeting with him when I did a program about “Social Emotional Learning” in children’s education for the Shift Network earlier this year. He began his journey when he questioned why we had lost contact with the Earth…how did that happen? He realized that it actually seemed to start at about the time we started manufacturing shoes with rubber soles instead of leather, moved into the cities, and completely disconnected from the Earth, the soil, the ground. He later connected with Dr Sinatra, who transitioned last year, but who left behind a
fantastic legacy of proof that Earthing is incredibly valuable. Note that Dr James Oschman wrote the foreword; I’ll show you his book later, too.

9. Dr Mae-Wan also coined the phrase “Life is a little electric current!” This slide is taken from Ober’s book. He shows that Earth has an abundance of electrons (as proven by physicist Richard Feynman, too!) Ober showed if you are standing on an insulating surface, such as a wooden deck, or a sidewalk, or such, but not actually connected to the soil, that there is about 350 volts of electric charge above your head!
BUT, if you are barefoot (or wearing leather shoes), you are grounded and are standing under a ‘protective umbrella’. I used to wear moccasins when I was a kid and I understand now why I loved wearing them!

10.So Earthing connects your electric body to the Earth’s natural charge. We lived barefoot to the ground for millennia before the introduction of rubber and other synthetic shoes. This broke our much-needed connection with the soil. You body is mostly water and minerals, great conductors! Earthing is most effective walking barefoot on wet grass or wet sand.

11.This slide points out that fabulous Kidney 1 acupuncture point on the bottom of your foot…another reason earthing barefoot is so perfect! This is also a acupressure point and is called “Bubbling Spring”. I can verify that it is indeed a bubbling spring when the nadis (meridians) and chakras upstream are open. It literally feels like a flowing bubbling energy field and it is just an amazing feeling.

12.This is a slide from Dr Sinatra’s work with Earthing! There were three different people who had their blood examined using darkfield microscopy before and after 20 minutes of grounding barefoot outside. Note the rouleaux formation, where the red blood cells are stacking together like a roll of coins, or clumping, which can become clots, on the left in the “before” pictures. After twenty minutes of grounding, the red blood cells are nice and round, flowing smoothly and not clumped at all. This alone is reason to be grounding every day. Coupled with breathing exercises (pranayama), you are giving your body a wonderful gift.

13.This is another dramatic image from Ober’s book of Dr Sinatra’s research. This patient had terrible inflammation in the legs; the picture on the left is the ‘before’ image. After 20 minutes on grounding, the difference in the inflammation for this patient is powerful! There is just a tiny bit of inflammation remaining, which would likely disappear if the patient employed another bit of time on the earth.

14.This is the website for Earthing supplies (no, I do not get any kickback from promoting it, but I do use the products). There are yoga mats, bed sheets, foot pads and other things that can help you ground even in the house. There are podcasts and videos, as well as articles for free. And the Earthing movie, with Margot Hemingway and Deepak Chopra, is free to watch on the website. I recommend the movie!
And please keep this beautiful early morning vision of the wet sand in your mind’s eye. I’ll be mentioning it again!

15.Forest Bathing, known as Shinrin-yoku in Japanese, is another free healing modality! We enjoy forests because of their beauty, shade, fresh air, foods and shelter, but science has shown that essential oils from cypress trees, in particular, enhance the natural killer cells in the human body (that seek and destroy cancer cells). Li and colleagues did an experiment to show that anti-cancer proteins in lymphocytes increased for as many as 7 days after a VIRTUAL forest bathing experience using vaporized cypress volatiles.
Phytoncides, such as alpha-pinene and beta-pinene were released into the air. This may be one of the reasons that smelling the pine branches or pine trees that you likely bring into your homes in the winter holiday season make you feel good! The picture is from Big Cypress Preserve; I used to lead tours in the Everglades for many years. It is beautiful, and I can tell you that the best time of the year to go is early spring when the cypress trees are leafing out, about April or May. It smells wonderful!

16. Sudimac et al. also published a paper about urban trees in 2022. A review of over 200 studies showed increased protection from air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, and heat exposure. The only serious adverse conditions included was increased pollen. Many people, myself included, know that heavy pollen in the air can be quite uncomfortable.
The review also indicated increased mental health and stress reduction as well as attention benefits when there are trees in the city. We also know that urban forests provide environmental, economic, social and health services in the cities. We know, too, that lower income neighborhoods often have fewer trees, parks or other green vegetation (even lawns!)

17. But trees in general give us many health benefits. Several studies have supported beneficial mental health from walking in forested areas. The amygdala, associated with stress levels, showed decreased activity after a walk in a natural environment (2022)
Likewise, a study from 2019 showed that human well-being is linked to the environment as ‘eco­ system services’. Now, “Psychological Ecosystem Services” is included as the benefits for mental and physiological human health are recognized.

18. This slide is from Sudimac’s paper, showing the differences they recorded between people who walked along a forested road and people who walked along a city street. People completed a little survey about how they were feeling and went into a functional MRI to record brain waves. Then they went on their walks.
To me, the city street doesn’t look too awful, as there are some trees, some interesting shops, and it doesn’t look like an awful busy noisy dirty downtown area! But the forested walk certainly looks more relaxing. After their walks, they went into the fMRI again, and completed another survey. According to the results people were much more relaxed and happy after a walk in the woods than after a walk in the city. The paper by Bratman et al in 2019 showed similar results, and stated that one of the things that stopped during the walk in the woods was the constant ‘brain chatter’ or what meditators have called the “monkey mind.” As that inner chatter may be connected to the amygdala, the walk along the forest road brings a sense of calm. (I suppose unless the person was worried about lions, tigers and bears…)

19. Another thing that trees do, that we are not consciously aware of, is that they emit infrared light! It stimulates antioxidant reservoirs of melatonin and reduces free radicals in the mitochondria. The human body evolved optical mechanisms under natural sunlight to localize NIR in blood vessels, retina, brain and skin. Indoor light, computer displays, LED lighting, etc. emit zero NIR photons! NIR photons stimulate subcellular or extrapineal biosynthesis and stimulate bone marrow stem cells.

20. For millions of years, sunlight was the largest external stimulus to the human body. NIR represents 70% of the total solar spectrum from photochemistry viewpoint! More NIR is absorbed under natural sunlight because of the increased number of photons. The retina filters out UV but gathers NIR photons.

21. This is a slide from Zimmerman and Reiter’s 2019 paper about near infrared light. Note again the frequency ranges along the bottom, and that there are more gray bands in this graph, representing the near infrared light. The circle highlights the visible, high energy visible and UV lights, which release the free radicals in the body.

22. Another graph from Zimmerman and Reiter’s paper show that the blue lights from our indoor world have no infrared light. Artificial surroundings scatter whatever NIR we receive, but grass, clouds, and even soil absorbed visible photons and reflect NIR photons.

23.Infrared alpha (IR-A) may be more beneficial when an appropriate dosage is used: Early morning exposure readies the skin for mid-day deleterious UVR. Low-level light in the evening repairs collagen.
Remember that early morning walk on the wet sand picture! You would be getting infrared light as well as grounding!
Low level light therapy has been reported in thousands of articles. NIR heals wounds faster and aids is anti-inflammatory, and Far Infrared (FIR) stimulates cells and tissue and is used in specialty lamps and saunas.

24.Here’s the spectrum again. A paper by Barolet et al reported that the “infrared light” used in studies indicating that IR-A was detrimental to the skin’s collagen were not valid as the light used ‘was not representative of solar irradiation’ because the studies were done in vitro NOT in vivo. That is, a petri dish, not a human body!

25.This is a neat graph that shows the different wavelengths at different times of the day. Although chronic sun exposure causes skin damage and photoaging, exposure to visible and IR-A light can be beneficial to the skin. It increases collagen metabolism.
Their advice to help you know if you are getting the beneficial rays is to look at your shadow: If your shadow is taller than you are, you’re taking advantage of the beneficial and avoiding the detrimental effects. That happens of course in the early morning or late afternoon.

26.Sunlight brings infrared alpha and Vitamin D. We’ve certainly learned how important vitamin D is during the past three years! We not only evolved walking barefoot on the ground, we also evolved with the Sun for over 200,000 years! The sun produces cosmic and gamma rays, x-rays, UVB and UVA radiation, visible and infrared radiation. Much of this is absorbed by our atmosphere, but about 5% of the UVA radiation reaches the surface.

27.This is not the prettiest graph, but it does show the way Vitamin D is manufactured in the body. Note again that frequency range along the bottom of the graph. On the 290-315 nanometer levels on the left side, you see early morning sunlight which is releasing the chemicals POMC and ACTH, which leads to a release of beta endorphins. You know endorphins make you feel good! That stimulates the Immune modulation listed beneath, and then the sunlight radiation makes vitamin D in your body! On the right side of the graph is the late afternoon sun, which promotes wound healing (i.e., the collagen healing).

28. I think most people know the importance of Vitamin D by now, but it was first discovered in the early 1930’s. On the previous slide, remember that the beta-endorphin is an endogenous opioid peptides…it occurs naturally in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. (Dr. Mercola suggests the more skin being exposed, the better, especially in that early morning infrared light!) We know sunlight deprivation is associated with Seasonally Affected Disorder for some people, but the good news is that this is a quickly treatable problem! In fact a tanning booth, or special light fixtures solve the problem very easily. We also know that sunlight activates the ‘clock genes’ in our bodies, which controls our circadian system.

29. Heart health is affected adversely by low Vitamin D3 levels. Vitamin D3 levels affect stress and DNA repair, DNA replication, immune regulation and reduce blood pressure. D3 reduces risk of multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, & type 1 diabetes. It is likely that our hunter-gatherer ancestors had optimal bone health, as well!

30. Holick suggested the following to promote beneficial D3 levels: Ingest foods that are high in Vitamin D3 (fish liver oils, fatty salt-water fish, eggs, butter, sweet potatoes, et al.) [Be sure to eat Organic, non-GMO foods!] Sensible daily or often sun exposure in early and late hours, avoiding sunburn and soaking up beneficial rays
Use a supplement daily; suggested dosage ~2,000 IUs daily to maintain blood levels above 30ng/mL. Dr Mercola, and most of my literature, supports a higher dose than that, so do some research, but the first step is finding out what your current D3 levels are!

31. Near infrared lasers have also been found helpful for health. A paper by Wang et al (2016) showed that photobiomodulation low-level laser/light therapy (LLLT) (lasers) use red to near infrared to stimulate cellular functions
In vivo tests were done using a 1064 nm laser that improved wound healing, reduced pain, and treated chronic traumatic brain injuries, and depression. (In vivo=in life, not a petri dish). LLLT is likely to use photo absorption by cytochrome c oxidase, the terminal enzyme in the mitochondrial respiratory chain the catalyzes the reduction of oxygen for energy metabolism.

32. Here’s a graph of the Electron Transport Chain, in case you’ve forgotten what the “terminal enzyme in the respiratory chain” does! It creates energy via the mitochondria; it’s quite a miraculous set-up! I used to teach cell biology (at Nova University) and once students understand how amazing this cycle is (and how the previously mentioned things can enhance it) they’re attention would definitely change.
And thinking of free things for health, “pranayama” breathing disciplines can definitely increase your electron transport efficiency! There are quite a few different disciplines to choose from and a yoga or meditation instructor could help you decide what you may want to use.

33. This slide is taken from Wang et al.’s paper from 2016, showing the beneficial impact the laser they developed had on oxygenated hemoglobin (A), Hemoglobin itself (B), and cytochrome c oxidase (C), highlighted in bright pink. When they turned the laser off, the effects are immediate. The oxygen levels continued to rise after the laser was turned off, but hemoglobin and cytochrome c oxidase fell fairly quickly once the laser stopped.

34. Another group of scientists, (Bengston et al 2023) reported that “intent” had a great deal to do with the healing effect in his practice. Most healers agree that intent is one of the most important factor (perhaps the most important?) Benston and Nies (2023) also demonstrated that water could be charged with healing intentions and successfully showed a decrease in ‘covid’ levels. Considering that your body is about 75% water…

35. It has been proven that SOUND informs Water. Dr. Masaru Emoto was one of the first to demonstrate this principle directly and highly recommend learning more about his work! Homeopathy is based on the fact that water carries information even if no molecule of the original element is present and Dr. Emoto’s work is proof supporting that. Many years ago, a friend asked me to officiate at his first child’s baby blessing; it was such an honor to do so and I prepared the protocol by asking both sets of grandparents, and the parents, to consciously write out their blessings for the baby before the ceremony. I sent them information about Dr Masaru’s work and explained that we would each hold a vial of pure water while saying our blessings to infuse the water with our intents. The water was then used to “baptize” the baby! Even my friend’s traditional Catholic Cuban parent’s were touched by the meaningfulness of this very special ceremony.
In addition, one of the newest researchers, Veda Austin, showed that thought forms could be recorded in water with her very unique experiments. I am so impressed with Ms. Austin’s work ‘proving’ that water carries information that I have blessings taped to the outside of my counter-top water filtering systems, facing in (so the water can read it!) I double-filter, first using Aqua-tru and then Zero Water, to remove the chemicals in tap water, and then I ‘add’ the blessings vocally (yes, I SAY the blessings out loud, too….because Sound informs water!)

36. SOUND is a free healing modality! Edgar Cayce said that the medicine of the future will be Sound; I am confident that he spoke truth! Listening to music is soothing, but singing or chanting is better because the vibrations of your own voice help heal your body.
One of many workshops I have taken with Jonathan Goldman stated that “Vocalization + Intention = Manifestation”. He said that Frequency + Intention: “Encode” the message you ware sending. Goldman further stated that the best way to encode your intent is between the in-breath and out-breath.

37. Cymatics, which I mentioned in the beginning, is basically the science of making sound visible. John Stuart Reid has done many studies with sound and healing. He had done some work using Live blood cells and recorded music with some interesting results, showing that the blood cells responded differently to different music. I recommend going to his website to learn more about what kinds of music blood seemed to favor (his blood, anyway!)
One super fantastic study he did with LIVE blood cells was using LIVE music in his lab! He invited Anders Holte and his wife, Cachina Meadu, to sing and play keyboards, of their beautiful album called, “Dream of the Blue Whale”. The blood cells were counted before and after the live performance, but what was most amazing is that not only were the red blood increased, but senescent cells were revived…to the point that the sample had to be diluted TWICE because the machine could not count that many! (I used to work in an emergency animal clinic and we used such a cell counter when we did complete blood counts and such.)
Another very interesting thing in this slide is the picture of the cymatic sound ‘bubble’. It’s important to remember that it is a cross-section of a three-dimensional vibration (it’s not just a wave pattern, like this: VVVVV). What’s very neat about this particular cymatic bubble is that it has seven ‘petals’; it is the voice pattern of Jonathan Goldman’s “OM”! (He has some very good albums that I can recommend; no, I do not get any kickback for anything I mention here!))

38. Reid has also worked with two people I personally know and truly trust: Sayer Ji, the founder of, and Sayer’s father Sungchul Ji, PhD, a retired chemist from Rutgers. They looked at the difference between the cymatic patterns of healthy human brain tissue and human brain cancer cells with Reid’s invention, the Cymascope (pictured on the right). The pictures of the brain tissues is a cropped section from the paper, which has scores of pictures. It is quite an impressive research paper.

39. This slide is just a beautiful picture of a concert hall during the Covid lockdowns in the UK. The organizer filled the hall with plants, and the musicians played beautiful classical chamber music with healing intention to the plants. The plants have more water than we do, of course…imagine the healing power in this scene! The plants were then taken to nursing homes and hospitals. It’s too bad no one followed up to see how the health outcomes in the recipients may have been benefitted by this.
I strongly support listening to music you love, singing along with it, and filling your home with that beneficial sound! Swami Sivananda used to say to his disciples at the ashram, “Did you pray today? Did you listen to music today? Did you sing today? Did you meditate today? Did you dance today?”

40. John Beaulieu is another practitioner that I have taken workshops with. He states that tuning forks C & G can ‘reset’ the body’s chakral system. You can find him demonstrating the how-to on his website ( Jonathan and Andi Goldman state that humming is as beneficial as singing. I teach children the ‘bhramari’ bee meditation sound when we study pollinators…when the whole class is humming, it sounds like a bee hive!
Shamini Jain, PhD, has published quite a few papers on chanting (Consciousness and Healing Initiative) and Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary are two practitioners that I follow and have taken workshops with, too! Dr Chaudhary’s website has a chakra­ balancing chant to promote healing.

41. These are a few of the books in my personal library; the top row is easy-reading material and I recommend them without reservation. The second row is a little more scientific and challenging because of the more difficult content. “Vibrational Medicine” by Dr Richard Gerber is excellent, but it is about 500 pages; I had to read it when I was training for Reiki Master and I am glad that I was introduced to it twenty-some years ago.
“The Power of Sound” by Joshua Leeds is very in-depth research about sounds, hearing and frequencies, and I think if you are in the music field it would be very interesting, but I found it a little bit too deep for light reading. Note the cymatic bubble on the cover!
“Energy Medicine” by James Oschman, PhD, is excellent, but it has a lot of scientific jargon (he wrote the forward for Clint Ober’s book, btw.) “Healing is Voltage” is a dynamic book with massive amounts of data, but it is not easy to read, as Dr Jerry Tennant, MD, wrote about his quest to explore different healing modalities, his own health issues, and everything else; he seemed to ‘copy and paste’ material from all over and consequently the text is challenging to read. However, it is a powerhouse of information about that electrical body we live in!
“The Body Electric” by Robert Becker, MD, is a very serious study of the electromagnetic currents that flows through our bodies, and may have been one of the first to document it in real time. The difficult part is that the book describes what most people would consider terrible experiments on salamanders and other animals, as they tried to trace these currents…so it’s helpful to understand this very in-depth work on energy flows and electric bodies…but hard to read if you love creatures.

42. This is a list of selected references; most of the scientific papers can be located via “google scholar” if you don’t have access via an organization. Your public library can also order for you.
Thank you and enjoy!!


Sandy Koi is a very right-brained scientist, with degrees in Art, Environmental Science, Biology, and Entomology, and is currently close to finishing a doctorate in Earth & Environment at FIU, where she also teaches Everglades Ecology. She is a certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, Reiki practitioner, Astrologer and teacher of esoteric sciences; she intends to spend her remaining years in this incarnation on this planet teaching about Human Ecology and Health. To learn about Butterfly Conservation visit

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