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Holy Grail Vortex by Anne Butters

Using tubular vortex energies or scalar energy wave Potentials… vortexes are an essential component of scalar waves as they use genetic code to electrically modulate or piggyback information from cell nucleus to another cell.

Once one invokes a transformational wave, even a mere Suggestion can send electrical signals anywhere in the body for us to remember the genetically chemically stored proper dna rna coding.

The goal is Achieving a state of consciousness in which the electrical brain patterns of both hemispheres are equal in amplitude and frequency.

Explanation of HGV

1. What is the HGV?
It is a completely balanced and tuned energy system that will, in turn, balance and re-tune personal, local, regional, or world-wide imbalances, always in tune with the well-being of Mother Earth. A vortex is thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self exploration.

2. Who can use the HGV?
Anyone who has received training and feels concern and/or empathy for a personal problem within, or in someone else, or finds a problem that puts other people at risk or in danger locally or regionally, and/or has a deep love for the well-being of Mother Earth.

3. What is the first step to using the HGV?
The first step is always to ask permission before using! When you are ill, ask your body, mind, soul, or your divine self if you can bring yourself back into balance; if you wish to help someone else with their problem, either ask their permission directly, or ask their higher self and honor their answer. With local, regional and world-wide problems and energetic imbalances, ask your own higher self and also ask Gaia (Mother Earth) herself.

4. What is the second step to using the HGV?
The second step is to form a clear and strong intent within yourself. Whether you have a feeling about what is needed, you have experienced the problem, or have a clear idea, visualize what it is you intend for the HGV to do! Whether it is to stop your cold, to heal someone with cancer, to divert a tornado, to disarm a nuclear device, to bring Goodwill back into human consciousness, or to heal Mother Earth, make your intent simple and clear. If your intent is not clear and your vision is confused, the HGV will be ineffective! Work locally, or where you know there are local problems, so that your intent can be clear and strong!

5. How do you form a HGV?
There are four vortexes starting with the smallest in the center and going out, each vortex is larger than the one before it:

Innermost vortex (Counter clock wise – CCW): establishes a standing columnar wave, also known as a scalar or transformational wave with a particular pattern of constructive and destructive interference essential to produce sound which allows for acoustic resonance and is tuned to your intent. Standing waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. Any waves traveling along the medium will reflect back when they reach the end. This effect is most noticeable in musical instruments where at various multiples of a vibrating string or air column the natural frequency creates or forms a standing wave allowing harmonics to be IDENTIFIED, an echo chamber. The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields but a transformation of energy back into a scalar wave, The middle way neutrality so to speak. Without meaning or somatics.
Second inner vortex (also CCW): allows the elementals/powers of nature or higher beings to attune the frequency of the vortex between our stated intent and the desired results.
Third outer vortex (Clockwise -CW): creates order and balance of the inner vortexes.
Fourth outermost vortex (also CW): allows the elementals/ higher beings to attune the frequency to our stated intent and the desired effect.

6. How do you determine the size of each vortex?
Each situation has a different solution, like sound, therefore each vortex will be a different size from all the others creating an alternative sound vibration potential. Use and trust your own intuition when you create the HGV even if you end up inside the very center vortex!

The energy of the HGV is always tuned to the ultimate well-being of Mother Earth, not our own comfort level! Our intent can be a powerful starter motor for the HG, but the engine that drives the HGV is not within our control!

The HG Vortex is energy-driven, when it is no longer needed the supporting energies wane and it collapses on its own.

This is the Invocation I used however any will suffice….

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God, Let Light stream forth into the minds of all. Let Light descend upon Earth.” Visualize creating a small scalar or standing transformational wave in this Innermost Center in a counter clockwise left movement CCW

“From the point of Love within the Heart of God, Let love stream forth into the hearts of all, and May TRUTH mind return to Earth.” Visualize creating a Second bigger wave in another counter clockwise left movement CCW

“From the centre where the Will of God is known, Let purpose guide the little wills of all. The purpose which the Masters know and serve.” Visualize a Third even bigger spiral moving right in a clockwise manner CW

“From the centre which we call the race of all, Let the Plan of Love and Light work out, And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.” Visualize the Biggest spiral yet moving right in a clockwise manner. CW

Anne Butters is certified in and teaches yoga, reiki, pranic and quantum energy manipulation for the purpose of healing. She can reach into other realms from the Akashic records to allow information to be remembered and helps people to balance, open the Higher Heart Consciousness and maintain an anchored flow. Learn more about her at and